Sonntag, 3. April 2016

WM/H's long 2015, Part 03 - When a wolf drops dead in the forest...

...and anybody is left alive to testify - might it still have been Sorscha2?

Whenever I built list pairs, Circle is always on my mind. For some reason, they - as a faction - frighten me the most. Too make matters worse, you are guaranteed to run into them since they are such a good faction. In addition, their playstyle is (or appears, at the very least) to be the polar opposite of the Khadoran playstyle (Hit & Run v. Kill everything that isn't us) - with some powerful exceptions.

So, in my strife to find a 'Caster (and list) that can deal with this, I've come around to Sorscha2.
More of my thoughts after the break.

So, why Sorscha2?

   The reason is manyfold: She has a personal assassination threat, her feat makes her a massive Anti-ARM threat, and by having Shatterstorm, she can also make the Morvahnas eat their words. And she extends threat range with Boundless Charm. Also, if the opposing army should happen to have no out against Iron Flesh, it can make them bite pieces out of the board.

What, then, should an army contain if it wants to deal with Circle?
1.) Long threat ranges. Those are always helpful, but against them it really helps if you can light something up/touch it before they get to you, because of the ARM/HP situation in most Circle armies.
2.) High chances to hit since while ARM/HP are generally low, DEF is high.
3.) Hitting power. You might run into Bradigus, after all.

This is my preliminary version of the list I'd pair with my Zerkova list from previous articles:

Sorscha2             -6
Beast 09             11
Great Bears           5
WG Riflecorps (max)   8
WG Infantry (max)     6
w/ Officer & Standart 2
w/ Rocketeer x3       3
Aiyana & Holt         4
Jozef Grigorovich     2
Sylys Wyshnallyr      2
Andrej Malakov        3
Spriggan             10
   There is little need in explaining - but what has to be, I will. I chose Beast09 over Ruin because a) I actually have Beast09, b) I like the Crit:Freeze and Murderous Imprint. I'm also very sad that there is only one Kovnik Joe for two large WG units, but I value the Rifle Corps a lot. If Widowmakers with Shatterstorm are supposedly awesome, how's about a ten man unit with, potentially, boosted attack rolls. It should suffice against normal infantry, and against anything heavier I'd most likely roll the damage anyway. I just have to remember that shooting Skinwalkers and Warpwolves is sensible - it's true for Gatormen, after all. Lastly, Malakov is running expensive with the Spriggan, but the flare is worth it's AoE in gold against Circle, especially when intending to shoot one of the key pieces (Nuala, Stalkers, Lord of the Feast) off the board. He also provides more damage and further threat with Redline (stackable with Boundless Charge).

   Overall, I hope this list has all that is necessary to deal with Circle. I don't know, though, because, well, I played my last games at ClogCon, soooooo...
...yeah. I at least remember the rules. ;-) I will run this pair, though, and see how far it takes me, and keep you all updated.

On the upcoming articles front, here's a bit of news: I have a Grolar, so that "Grolar revisited" article is going to come. The Conquest v. Victor one will either be delayed OR very short.

But until then, farewell!

P.S.: I've been playing a ton of Hearthstone lately... so there will be that.